You are warmly welcome to enjoy breakfast, even if you are not staying with us.

Our versatile breakfast provides food for a good and refreshing day.
The price of breakfast is 13.50€. See breakfast times here.


Cream cheese and Emmental cheese L, G
Ham, turkey cutlet, meat sausage, M, G
Iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, tomato and cucumber M, L, G
Pickle slice M, L, G
Breakfast rolls L
Rye breads L
Croissant and cocktail pie L
Butter and margarine
Porridge M, L
Scrambled eggs L, G and boiled eggs M, L, G
Fried bacon and meatballs or fried sausage piece M, L, G
Fruit salad M, L, G
Yogurt, flavored and unflavored L
Berry salad M, L, G
Jam M, L, G
Cereals and muesli M, L
Juice soup M, L, G

Milk, apple juice, orange juice, mixed juice and ice water
Coffee, tea, cocoa

L=lactose-free, G=gluten-free, M=dairy-free