Dinner menus for groups

Minimum 10 people, orders in advance.

We are friends of local food and we always take advantage of local opportunities.

Menu 1

Minimum 10 people, orders in advance.

Cold smoked salmon, egg mousse, fresh salad
Archipelago bread fried in butter VL, G

Reindeer roast L, G
Dark game sauce, glazed oven roots

Herb sliced potatoes
Vanilla pannacotta and cranberry jam L, G

Menu 2

Minimum 10 people, orders in advance.

Artichoke soup L, G

Coeur de filet L, G
Wild mushroom sauce, Garlic potatoes
Grilled vegetables

Petit fours G


Minimum 10 people, orders in advance.

Caesar salad L, G
roasted nuts

Overcooked organic lamb kick L, G
red wine sauce, roasted beets and pot butter

Orange sorbet and pickled fruit L, G

Menu 4

Minimum 10 people, orders in advance.

Asparagus, hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon rumble L, G

Fried Whitefish L, G
crab mayonnaise, parsnip pyrethrum

Chocolate cake, strawberries and strawberry melba L, G

Vegetarian menu

Minimum 10 people, orders in advance.

Artichoke soup L, G

Kidney bean risotto, grilled asparagus and parmesan VL, G

Strawberry sorbet and fresh berries L, G

We offer versatile accommodation, banquet, meeting and restaurant services on both shores of Lake Keurusselkä. Unique and historical sites in the art city of Mänttä and close-to-nature sites for active holidaymakers in Keuruu.

Hotel Keurusselkä

Hotel Keurusselkä offers best bits of both entertainment and food.

Mänttä Club

Our accommodation and meeting rooms are also interesting from an architectural point of view.


ArtHotel Honkahovi serves as a hotel.


Gorgeous nature creates the ground for a relaxing vacation at Keurusharju!

Contact information

Welcome to Hotel Keurusselkä!

Hotelli Keurusselkä
Keurusseläntie 134
42700 KEURUU

+358 (0)14 3611 000


Sales (mon-fri 8-16)
groups and meetings reservations
+358 (0)44 799 7606

Opening hours


Monday 7.30-21.00
Tuesday – Thursday 6.30-21.00
Friday 6.30-01.00
Saturday 8.00–01.00
Sunday 8.00–12.00



Monday–Tuesday 16.00-20.00 (only pizzas available)
Wednesday – Thursday 8.00-21.00 (kitchen 16-20)
Friday – 8.00-01.00 (kitchen 12-21)
Saturday – 8.00–01.00 (kitchen 12-21)
Sunday – Closed



Monday 07:30 – 10:00
Tuesday – Friday  06:30 – 10:00
Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 10:30



Monday to Thursday 17:00 – 20:00
Friday to Saturday 14:00 – 20:00
Sunday closed


Iris Mäkinen
Iris MäkinenEntrepreneur
+358 (0) 400 729 020
Pirkko Koskela
Pirkko KoskelaSales Manager
Groups & meetings
+358 (0)44 799 7606

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    We are committed to developing our operations in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.