Hotel Keurusselkä’s environmental policy

Hotel Keurusselkä’s environmental policy

Hotel Keurusselkä has been an operating hotel for more than 70 years and we want it to continue for the same period in the future. At the heart of our environmental policy is the active and future-oriented development of our operations and the commitment of our staff.

Towards greener and more responsible
Hotel Keurusselkä!

Our hotel has been awarded the international Green Key eco-label.

That means we do our best to make our hotel as environmentally friendly as possible and we also want to encourage our customers to make sustainable choices.

We are a Green Key certified hotel

We are committed to developing our operations in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.

What are the cornerstones of our environmental policy?

At Hotel Keurusselkä, we are committed to responsible accommodation and, as part of that, we use our environmental policy to minimize the environmental impact we cause.

  • We are an active player in the industry. We strive to monitor developments in the field and use research data to improve our operations. We are actively involved in industry networks and also share our own best practices with others.
  • Our staff is committed to reducing the environmental impact. Our entire staff participates in the implementation of our company’s environmental responsibility. Everyone has the opportunity to influence and we encourage our staff to take the initiative in developing environmental issues.

What choices do we make for the environment?

  • Our staff is committed to recycling waste in the right way, not forgetting the recycling of SER waste.
  • We monitor the amount of food waste and strive to reduce it by accurately estimating customer numbers. You too can do your part, Please only take as much food as you can eat.
  • We encourage customers to make sustainable choices and offer environmentally friendly activities (cycling, nature trail, rowing boats, outdoor sports)
  • We organize local events together with our partners.
  • Small deeds and everyday choices can affect your own carbon footprint, even when staying at a hotel.

The nature of the area is a common living room for everyone

  • We also take into account the special features of the area and respect the Keurusselkä environment. Keurusselkä is a traditional tourist destination whose nature has attracted tourists since the 1940s. We will do our best to preserve nature for future generations.
  • Local culture is important to us. Favoring local reduces the environmental impact and increases the economic well-being of the area.
  • Want to hear more? Our staff will be happy to tell you more about our responsibility measures. You can read more about the Green Key program at

Did you know this about water?

  • A Finn uses an average of 140 liters of water a day.
  • The biggest environmental impact factors for hotels are energy and water use.
  • Reducing water use reduces the need for water supply and purification, energy consumption through reduced pumping, and the need for wastewater treatment.

We offer versatile accommodation, banquet, meeting and restaurant services on both shores of Lake Keurusselkä. Unique and historical sites in the art city of Mänttä and close-to-nature sites for active holidaymakers in Keuruu.

Hotel Keurusselkä

Hotel Keurusselkä offers best bits of both entertainment and food.

Mänttä Club

Our accommodation and meeting rooms are also interesting from an architectural point of view.


ArtHotel Honkahovi serves as a hotel.


Gorgeous nature creates the ground for a relaxing vacation at Keurusharju!

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Welcome to Hotel Keurusselkä!

Hotelli Keurusselkä
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Monday 7.30-21.00
Tuesday – Thursday 6.30-21.00
Friday 6.30-01.00
Saturday 8.00–01.00
Sunday 8.00–12.00



Monday–Tuesday 16.00-20.00 (only pizzas available)
Wednesday – Thursday 8.00-21.00 (kitchen 16-20)
Friday – 8.00-01.00 (kitchen 12-21)
Saturday – 8.00–01.00 (kitchen 12-21)
Sunday – Closed



Monday 07:30 – 10:00
Tuesday – Friday  06:30 – 10:00
Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 10:30



Monday to Thursday 17:00 – 20:00
Friday to Saturday 14:00 – 20:00
Sunday closed


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    We are a Green Key certified hotel

    We are committed to developing our operations in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.